Okay, so before I fully relaunch this little space of mine I call an online dump of my mundane thoughts and uninteresting photos, I have decided to do a quick summary of the reasons behind why I created and refurbished my blog, how it all came together, and what you can expect by lurking around and, hopefully, reading what I come up with.

Roughly around a year ago, my boyfriend was able to persuade me into getting my ass back to blogging as he noticed how thrilled I get whenever he would ask me to tweak his blog for him. Although nowadays, blogging has been somewhat different in comparison to how it was years ago when people used it more as an online diary rather than a means to earn, I still decided to push through. Although I was beyond ecstatic to finally have a platform to write on and focus on while I'm not at work, halfway through the year, I felt the need to stop.

At the beginning of my sudden "hiatus", I was confused on whether my itch to revamp my blog altogether was the reason behind it, but later on I realized that it was plainly because I was ordinary.

Back when I was a kid, and even until now actually, the people who knew me really well would understand that I have this unfathomable need to achieve beyond expected — be it in sports, dancing, and in whatever else I set my mind to do. It was something that the people around me knew well enough that they know to never expect anything less from what I can offer on the table. Although the pressure and support is overwhelming, it was already something that I was used to and an addiction I cannot resist — and that is the determination to seek more.

Reading the blogs I've come up with, I became fully aware of the fact that what I was doing wasn't out of the ordinary and can be done by just anybody. With that said, I ditched my old posts, refurbished my little space, and started anew because I refuse to be ordinary from now on. This little space will serve as my determination to start a new era — an era full of adventures, dreams to be fulfilled, countries to explore, and new stories to be told.

It won't come easy and it will be a hell of a journey, but this will be the beginning of the rest of my life.

Here we go.

Welcome to my blog, I am Nikki de Asis.